Why worry about your customer service, digital, and training related tasks? INCOMSOL is a market leader when it comes to providing Business Outsource Processing.

Hosted Contact Center

Back Office Services

Back office services

Back Office Services

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Back Office Services

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Customer Service

Customer services



Call Center Design

INCOMSOL as your business consulting partner can provide you everything you need to design new facilities and centers.

New Service Model Implementation

Once you are done with the design, INCOMSOL takes charge to implement the design with the right tools and technologies.

Process Design

Our champions will train your staff for designing the process and implementing it in order to get the required occupancy and output from the staff.

Organizational Structure

INCOMSOL can help you to design/redesign your organizational culture to achieve your organizational goals by ensuring that.


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Our inbound team takes inbound calls from customer and solve their issue, book new sales, address their queries, take customer feedback, help customers to install their service, etc.


The outbound team is responsible for making outbound calls to specific customers in order to update them regarding their complaints statuses, discuss customer feedback etc.

Dispute Resolution Unit - DRU

DRU handles all disputes related to the customer, franchises, retailers, dealers, enterprise clients, etc. They exercise special powers in order to expedite special and high priority cases.

Consumer Management Team - CMT

Our CMT team is responsible for correcting issues related to the customer account and complaints like arranging surveys, making backend changes, qualifying complaints about onsite visits etc.

B2B Marketing

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Data mining/Data Sourcing

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Email Marketing

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Cold Calling/Warm Calling

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Lead Generation


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Digital Design

Our digital design team plays an important role in understanding the philosophy of our client before working on the design. This team prepares the idea of a digital footprint.

Website Development

An effective website not only attracts new clients but also plays a vital role in the acquisition and retention of new customers.

Video Production

Our competent video production team always fuels the digital campaign with its excellent video making and processing skills.

Digital PR

INCOMSOL uses its vast network of journalists, bloggers, influencers, and online press releases to gain high-quality backlinks.

Training and Development

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Communications skills

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Telephone etiquette

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Stress Management

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Image building

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