Why worry about your customer service, digital, and training related tasks? INCOMSOL is a market leader when it comes to providing Business Outsource Processing.

Customer Service

You may have an excellent product that is loved by your customers but if you don’t have an exceptional customer service people on board and your staff treats your customers in an unhelpful manner then you will eventually lose your customer base. This is a fact.

INCOMSOL understand the importance of customer service, hence, we follow the best practices i.e., to exceed customer expectation and deliver exceptional customer service.

Our customer service has Key Performance Indicators (KPI) & Key Quality Indicators (KQI) in place, hence, we don’t have a lag in our performances. We have set turnaround time (TAT) for every task and we complete it before our system highlights it in reports.

INCOMSOL ensures the required performance output through Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Operational Level Agreement (OLA). Whether it is consumer customer service of enterprise customer service, we have dedicated teams to handle specific tasks.

Inbound Team:

Our inbound team takes inbound calls from customer and solve their issue, book new sales, address their queries, take customer feedback, help customers to install their service, etc.

Outbound Team:

The outbound team is responsible for making outbound calls to specific customers in order to update them regarding their complaints statuses, discuss customer feedback, handle complaints, reactivate churn customers, bring back unhappy customers, etc.

Dispute Resolution Unit - DRU:

DRU handles all disputes related to the customer, franchises, retailers, dealers, enterprise clients, etc. They exercise special powers in order to expedite special and high priority cases.

Consumer Management Team - CMT:

Our CMT team is responsible for correcting issues related to the customer account and complaints like arranging surveys, making backend changes, qualifying complaints about onsite visits, blocking/unblocking account etc.

Subscriber Management Team - SMT:

SMT handles all money-related tasks. They handle refund cases as well as account activation/deactivation, financial frauds, etc.

Service Reprovisioning Team - SRP:

SRP team handles all activation and backend related tasks. Mostly they handle issues coming from retailers, franchises, business centers, etc.

Email Correspondance Team:

The correspondence team handles all physical mails and emails to and from customers. They respond to the contact us queries from customers and coordinate with the management on the customer feedback.

Social Media Team:

Social Media team handle all queries coming from social assets. They handle the social presence online and update the latest promotions and plans for the customer.

Quality Assurance Team - QA:

QA ensures the quality standards and processes are being followed by everyone on the floor. QA evaluates performance (Quantitative & Qualitative).

Training and Development:

Training and Development train the new resource before they come on the floor. From training orientation manual to all processes and procedures, everything is made by the Training and Development department. They gather Training need analysis (TNA) in order to generate the training programs. This department also conducts mystery shopping, surprise product quiz, mystery calls in order to evaluate the performances.

Workforce Management - WFM:

Workforce management handles the roster and looks after the leave management system. They make sure they have placed the right staff on the right days at the right time to manage the occupancy.


The admin department handles all logistics, products, systems, equipment, meals related tasks to make sure everyone on the floor is equipped with the right tools. The administration also takes care of them all off the floor related tasks such as subscriptions, IP whitelisting, internet, account management related tasks.

Human Resource Management - HR:

HR handle all tasks related to the staff. From project staffing, performance appraisals, salary disbursement, capacity planning, recruiting to awards recognition, they handle everything.

Senior Management Team:

The senior management team includes all the manager who reports to the General manager and the board of directors with the performance of the specific campaign, project, task, etc.