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It’s essential to add a handle to the package if you need a packaging box or shopping bag to have a carrier function. The different material handle mixed with other cardboard material creates so many new packages.

Oval Plastic Handle

From the name, you will know this kind of handle is an Oval shape, mostly used for corrugated box sides carry. Being installed into the hole and ready for taking out, it’s cheap and useful. They are applied in a corrugated box, heavy-duty watermelon box, moving box, and storage box

Silk Ribbon Nylon Handle

Silk handles have around 20 years of history, first applied in apparel packaging bag. The designer found they have many remain silk fabric left after producing the apparel, why not cut it into pieces, and used as paper bag handles? This is a great invention. The silk handles are more extensive than nylon handles, makes a customer feel more comfortable when picking the bags. As time goes by, silk handle has been the right optional choice for paper bag manufacturers. Nylon handle is the most common handle type. Compare to other materials, and it has low cost, fast setup, and a comprehensive range of color advantages. The nylon handle always contains a plastic end on each side, and it is a shoelace. The plastic end will stop the nylon handle from dropping off. The nylon handle has many different colors from red, black, pink, yellow, grey, and much more.

Plastic Handle

Plastic handles mostly applied in the corrugated box and paper box, as made by the iron injection mold; they have thousands of shapes. We only introduce some basic form: oval plastic handle, body-based plastic handle, and a plastic handle with the screw. Have been applied in electronic products paper box, lightweight gift box, and Kraft paper box.