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Standard Corrugated Shipping Boxes: They come in different standard sizes. They are notable for their strength and ability to protect their contents in handling, shipping, and storing situations.

Corrugated Cardboard Sheets or Rolls: These are made from flexible corrugated papers so they can conform to the shape of whatever package they are protecting. They can be used as pads for items with fragile exteriors.

Heavy Corrugated Boxes: These are built with stronger materials for added durability during transport. These also often come in different shapes and sizes

Insulated Cardboard Boxes: These are made especially to contain objects that are sensitive to temperature changes or static.

Foldable mailer box

Foldable Mailer box is our most popular box style. It’s used by e-commerce, retail, subscription, PR kits and many other types of businesses.

  • Easy-to-assemble one-piece design
  • Shipping-ready and crash-resistant
  • Shelf-ready and safely stackable.
Corrugated Retail Boxes

Corrugated packaging is cost-effective, protective, lightweight, and recyclable. It can be printed, die-cut, and laminated, making it a wise go-to for protecting, showcasing, storing and transporting your products.

Master Carton

Master Cartons are mostly used for wholesale packaging and shipping purposes. Usually these boxes are used when the consignment is sent from the factory to warehouse and from warehouse to the distribution center. The master cartons keep the products protected during storage and shipping. One can also print different details on the box like company’s logo, product name, number of pieces, weight of the item etc.