Rigid Boxes


Rigid Boxes serve as a premium box option for medium to light-weight products. Rigid Boxes are made of chip board materials with a fine sheet paper wrap. Rigid Boxes typically include a base and a lid and are often referred to as rigid setup boxes.

  • Ability to hold light to medium weight products
  • Produce a premium unboxing experience for your customers
  • Perfect for kitting products or accessories into a single, professional solution
Magnetic Boxes

Magnetic closure rigid boxes can add utmost convenience to any packaging. The magnetic boxes effortlessly shut and open with a swift motion, which gives your product a unique and engaging look.

Drawer boxes

Custom drawer boxes | slider boxes | matchboxes have many different open styles: From the right side, from the left side, from two sides, and with/without handles, pull-out tabs.

Lift-off lid boxes (with PVC)

The box made from two pieces rigid cardboard, base plus a lift-off lid. Depends on the lid height, the box can be fully covered, half-covered, or partially covered. Base and top can have different printing content, and the interior also could be printed.

Collapsible rigid box

The easy to assemble collapsible/foldable rigid boxes are used by manufacturers and retailers for product packaging. These boxes are designed for different sorts of product packaging, since they can be easily set up and are enduring.